I came to Lindsay with so much emotion built up. Like it was trapped. My stomach felt tangled. At a certain point during the session, it felt like she literally pulled it out of me. I left feeling relaxed and free.
— Marcella D.

During my session, I felt warmth radiating up and down my body. All the negativity and anger I had built up, left me. I started crying tears of release. Afterward I felt lighter, like I was relieved of a heavy burden. It reminded me of when I had my first confession at twelve years old. I felt such relief and interior calmness days afterward.
— Bikiana M.

Lindsay performed Reiki on me and my artist’s tattoo guns before my two and a half hour session on my lower left arm. The experience was beyond relaxing and put me into a dream-like state of mind. At one point while being tattooed I literally felt I could fall asleep. The pain was minimal and my state of relaxation heightened in a way I have never felt before while being tattooed. To put this into immediate check, I went back the next day and sat for another three and half hours working on the same arm but this time with no pre-tattoo Reiki. The experience was nowhere near as relaxing or dream-like, it was simply what one would expect when being tattooed which isn’t an excruciating pain, but there was certainly a noticeable difference between my session with Reiki and the next without. I won’t get tattooed again without receiving Reiki beforehand.
— Sammy P.
pre-tattoo reiki

pre-tattoo reiki


Lindsay holds a warm and comforting space allowing for full relaxation. I felt a soothing release of everyday tensions leaving my mind and body feeling lighter with a greater sense of calm.

I felt kindness.
— Katie Down