What is healing?

Healing is feeling that uncovers our true nature, allows us to live fully in who we are and who we are meant to be. Healing ourselves not only changes us for the better, it elevates everyone around us.

One of the most profound healing modalities that focuses on shifting energy is Reiki. 



Reiki energy healing purifies, balances, harmonizes, and cleanses. It affects us on all levels as the bridge between how you are feeling and how you recognize those feelings as they surface – physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually.



The Experience

Take a deep breath and relax. Once you're comfortable, we'll discuss what brought you here and what you'd like to focus on. Then all you have to do is receive while the Reiki works through you. It's energy!

Many describe a session as waking from a nap feeling rested and rejuvenated. Each experience is different because each person is different. 





  • Full Session: 60 min. – $125
  • Half Session: 45 min. - $70
  • *New Client Special: 30 min. – $30*



If you need help getting something off your chest, or are looking for effective tips to propel your personal healing journey - let's talk. Book a phone session to walk through it together. Homework will be involved but only to keep you accountable for your progress! 

  • 30 min. phone session – $30
  • 60 min. phone session – $60



This is for people who are ready to work through the tough stuff.

Four consecutive days of 60 min. sessions!  Yes, that’s a whole lotta Reiki! This is meant to blast you out of your funk. 

Reiki Wave (4-Pack) 

  • 60 min. session per day x 4 days – $400

(20% Discount off the Traditional Reiki price)




Moving in or out? Got into a fight with a loved one? Break up? Having people over and want to invite fun times and synergy among your guests? Let's purify and reset the energy of the space to make it ALL GOOD.

  • 30 minutes in space for $75