Two years ago, a question popped into my mind, “Who would you be in the face of survival?”

I don’t know where it came from, but it stuck in my head for months and wouldn’t go away. It kept asking me the question. So naturally, I started thinking about it. 

Once I got an idea of what I had to truly offer the world, more words popped into my mind: “Invest in yourself.”

I thought, “Ok... how?” Then an opportunity presented itself and I saw how. So I did.

I’m a designer, I’m creative, I see problems and find solutions in fun ways. This is what I love to do.

My personal healing journey through meditation and the healing arts has brought me to a place where I can combine my gifts and share them in ways that benefit others. 

When I look at the world from a wide lens, and I FEEL what's happening to us, I recognize that we're at a collective turning point. There's a lot of trauma, anger, pain, and suffering cycling from generations and lifetimes before us, blocking us from living our fullest lives. We're ready to evolve, we're changing, and it's scary. But on the other side of fear is freedom. Healing helps us get to freedom. 

A new question is stuck in my mind:

"How can I help heal the most people at a time?"

That’s the mission behind MANNKYND.

As a nod to my name (my roots/ where I came from), as a nod to our collective human family (where we all come from), and as a nod to being decent to one another, no matter what, MANNKYND was created. For all of US. 

Space Cleansing

Space Cleansing